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Emma who? 

Emma Sweetlove, 25 years old. Currently based in Ghent.

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I would describe myself as a creative soul who thrives on expressing herself through various artistic endeavours. Whether it's sewing, crafting captivating stories, or listening to music that stir the soul, I try to fearlessly explore different forms of creativity, leaving an indelible mark on each artistic endeavour.


As a passionate fashion activist, I embrace the power of fashion as a catalyst for change. With a deep commitment to sustainability, inclusivity, and social progress, I utilise my platform to drive meaningful transformation within the industry. I believe that fashion can be a force for good, inspiring individuals to express their unique identities while fostering a more equitable and conscious world.

Thanks to my studies as a culture manager this not only has shaped my professional path but has also touched me on a personal level. Through embracing diversity, inspiring dialogue, and witnessing impactful connections, I have experienced the transformative potential of art in bringing people together. As I continue on this journey, I remain dedicated to using culture management as a means to foster understanding, celebrate diversity, and forge meaningful connections through the universal language of art.

While Coaching brings me immense joy and fulfillment as I witness individuals achieving their goals and prioritizing their well-being. The collaborative nature of coaching allows us to work together on their personal development journey. It is a privilege to contribute to their growth and see them transform. The value I find in coaching lies in the deep connection and shared commitment. Coaching enables me to make a positive impact and fostering personal growth.


But my journey doesn't end there. I possess an innate ability to forge connections with people, cultivating genuine relationships and building bridges of understanding. My love for connecting with others is at the core of my being, and I cherish every opportunity to engage in heartfelt conversations, learn from diverse perspectives, and find common ground. Through my empathetic nature and open-mindedness, I try to create spaces where people feel seen, heard, and valued.

What are my values?


Creativity, empathy, adventure, challenge, and connection are some of my main values. With a mind fueled by creativity, I embrace innovative approaches and artistic expression. My deep empathy allows me to understand others and build meaningful connections. I seek adventure, embracing new experiences and personal growth. Challenges are seen as opportunities for learning and growth, driving me towards a goal. Connection is at the heart of my interactions, fostering a sense of belonging and inspiring others. These core values form the foundation of my path, shaping my purpose and impact.

What are my professional goals?

My ultimate goal is to establish a coaching practice that empowers individuals to embrace a fulfilling lifestyle while achieving their desired well-being. Witnessing coachees triumphantly reach their goals is not only my passion but also a testament to the transformative power of coaching.


Parallel to my coaching endeavours, I am dedicated to shining a spotlight on the fashion industry and its profound impact on our society and planet. By raising awareness about this influential realm, I aim to foster conscious consumerism and advocate for sustainable practices. It is my belief that fashion can be a vehicle for positive change and a means to connect individuals from diverse backgrounds.

With also a deep appreciation for the richness and diversity of cultures around the world, I am driven to explore and celebrate cultural expressions in all their forms. By combining my knowledge of fashion, arts, and cultural studies, I strive to bridge gaps and promote cross-cultural understanding. Through the management of cultural projects and events, I seek to create spaces that facilitate dialogue, appreciation, and collaboration between different communities.

I am open to new professional challenges, let's connect!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Let's connect.

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