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Curriculum vitae

My educational journey as a culture manager and well-being coach combines my passion for celebrating diversity and empowering individuals. With expertise in cultural studies, I curate experiences that bridge gaps between cultures. As a certified well-being lifestyle coach, I guide others towards holistic wellness and a fulfilling life. Through my unique blend of cultural sensitivity and well-being expertise, I cultivate connections and inspire personal growth.


2016 - 2017

Luca school of arts

Visual design: Graphic design


Vives University of Applied Science

Bachelor degree: Culture management

The cultural management specialisation is profession-specific and practice-oriented, without losing sight of general education. In this way, we can distinguish the following pillars:

  • general basis : languages, ICT, general accounting, economics, marketing, law ...

  • profession-specific training: course units in 'cultural management. These course units are taught by lecturers who have both feet firmly on the ground.

  • practical training: exploration of the cultural sector, cultural portfolio, cultural event project, cultural deepening, cultural business plan project , internship at home or abroad, cultural management case


Micro degree: well-being and vitality management - coaching

The degree programme in coaching & wellbeing management leads to wellbeing management and stress and burn-out prevention in individuals and workplaces. You will therefore learn to make people, teams and organisations resilient and flexible in the face of constant change. Setting up these change strategies really requires expertise, which you will acquire both theoretically and practically in this programme.

Vives University of Applied Science



Gentlemanagement in Ghent

Administration & merchandise for the music group Triggerfinger


Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels

Internship + communication assistent 

  • In charge of the coordination of the photographers and photos for the press and website during the festival.

  • In charge of the coordination of the photographers and photos for the press and website during the festival.​

  • Skills: Project Coordination · Event Planning · Problem Solving · Social Media


Communication assistent

  • Communication for Choreographer Mette Ingvartsen 

  • Skills: Art · Communication · Social Media

Mette Ingvartsen

Great Investment vzw in Brussels (Kaaitheater)


  • I helped establish a new project on diversity and inclusion

Tom Sweetlove bvba

2022 - 

Event coordinator (volunteer work) 

  • Coordinator: Event 'Good Clothes Fair Pay'

  • Coordinator: Social Experiment at the industrial museum of Ghent

  • Speaker at the Irish University in Leuven

  • Speaker at 'Gather Around' of Skin Mutts in Brussels

  • Networking event @Madhomeofcreators in Brussels

  • Giving workshops

Creative director/project manager/production(volunteer work) for the sustainable fashion show 'The Devil Wears The True Cost'

Fashion Revolution

2023 - 

'Nuff Said

  • Social media




Dutch - fluent

English - fluent

French - intermediate

Indesign, photoshop, illustrator (intermediate)


word & excel

Entrepreneur, communication, responsible, takes initiative, stress-resistant, curious, eager to learn, problem-solving


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Let's connect.

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