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The Devil Wears The True Cost

Schermafbeelding 2024-04-30 om 22.14.24.png
Poster design by Adèle Sweetlove
For this year’s 𝓕𝓪𝓼𝓱𝓲𝓸𝓷 𝓡𝓮𝓿𝓸𝓵𝓾𝓽𝓲𝓸𝓷 𝓦𝓮𝓮𝓴 2024, we’re flipping the script! In a world where big corporations dictate trends, we’re putting the spotlight on the pioneers of sustainable fashion. Our show isn’t just about clothes, it’s about voices that have been silenced for too long, and the incredible individuals who make it all happen behind the scenes.This was a mesmerising performance where dancers took center stage, breaking free from the scripted narrative to symbolize the true essence of sustainability.
Creative directors: Priscilla Nollé & Emma Sweetlove

Movement directors: Joffrey Anane & Alex Akuete

Assistant creative director: Philip Bunic 

Production: Emma Sweetlove & Philip Bunic

Stylist: Priscilla Nollé 

Styling assistant: Brik Leveugle 

Dancers: Matheus Guedes, Jino Martinez, Gabriel Ramos Dos Anjos, Fien Lanckriet, Ellen Verbeek, Clara Barlow, Zoë Brouwers, Tine Teirlynck, Maria Luiza Grymonprez & Fanny Van Geel

Designers: Kwalé, Méson, Sarah De Geyter, Louise Dael, Mipinta, Paule Joseph, Ahmad, Miss Boss, Janue & Anaïs De Keyzer

Mua: Celyne Kellens, Lesly De Mulder, Katrien Jorissen

Hair: Nova Timpers, Kaat Coppens & Fadi Zakout

Music: Dahr 

Photography: Kasper D’Haenens

Cinematographer: Jos Kemme + assistant: Lotte Desmedt 

Poster design/flyer design: Adèle Sweetlove

Fair Fashion Fest: Anna Martynova  & Jonathan Janssens

Volunteers: Reighert Duprez, Madeleine Van Kerkhove

De Centrale: Nele Goethals, Stijn Opbrouck, Milo Mammola en Barry Maertens

Good Clothes Fair Pay

Event I organised with my good friend Priscilla Nollé to promote the campaigns #GoodClothesFairPay & #WhoMadeMyClothes

Fashion Revolution Week is our annual campaign bringing together the world’s largest fashion activism movement for seven days of action. The theme for this year’s campaign is Manifesto for a Fashion Revolution which will run from April 22nd - 29th. To mark the tenth anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, we are #RememberingRanaPlaza and using our 10-point Manifesto to demand a safe, just and transparent global fashion industry.


As part of this, we are promoting our EU-wide campaign, Good Clothes, Fair Pay, to demand groundbreaking living wage legislation for garment workers worldwide.

Workshops HOIHOI and Upcycle with Pris & Ems

Pris and I recently led an workshop on repairing, upcycling, recycling, and styling clothing. The event aimed to educate participants about the environmental impact of fast fashion and empower them with skills to breathe new life into their garments.

Participants learned clothing repair techniques to extend the lifespan of their clothes. They also explored upcycling, transforming old pieces into unique, fashionable items. The workshop emphasized recycling and repurposing clothing that was beyond repair, reducing waste.

Lastly, participants discovered how to express their personal style through mixing and matching garments and incorporating accessories. The workshop inspired attendees to embrace sustainability and creativity in their fashion choices, becoming catalysts for change in their communities.


Workshop by HOIHOI: From the HOIHOI atelier, Justine helps you say Hi again to your favourite items, by bringing state-of-the-art craftsmanship to you in an intuitive and transparent way with the utmost care.

She offers you a Handbag and Shoe care service, where we search for the best solution for your favourite items through a combination of old and new techniques.

Social experiment for Fashion Revolution week @ Industrial Museum Ghent

social experiment stunt in Ghent Belgium for Fashion Revolution Week, where we brought people together for a video who have opposite lifestyles/ ideas and experiences regarding fashion. One group represents sustainable fashion and the other group non-sustainable.


The idea is to let them exchange their views on the statements we present to them. There is no pointing fingers or whatsoever to what’s good or what’s bad about each other as individuals. We merely want them to think about the bigger picture and sensibilize the world about the fashion industry.

Talk at the Irish college in Leuven

The Irish college of Leuven invited Priscilla Nollé, Claudia Castanheira and myself to represent the Fashion Revolution movement. Students from the Belfast Metropolitan College Ireland were on an Erasmus exchange in Belgium. During their stay they had to participate in several sustainability projects, they had to play a simulation game of voting and debating about fair fashion as members of the council of the European Union.

Gather around for Skin Mutts

Every first Thursday of the month, Skin Mutts invite an organisation that works around topics of cultural identity to talk about the importance of what they do and how they create community. 

Lisa from Skin Mutts asked us questions like: 

  • Can you talk more about the work that you do? About the organizations and their history?

  • How did you get started in this, why is this something you both invested time in and passion into? 

  • How have you been able to find like-minded organizations/companies? Have you had issues with green washing? 

  • How do you manage to place these concepts (climate change, fair pay, fair access, …), which are often heavy, in your own life? How do you not let the concern consume you? 

  • How did your cultural identity/upbringing play a role in the work that you choose to do today?

  • How do you gather around? In your daily life, in your private life,…? 

Live Podcast talk with VULNERA

I had the exciting opportunity to discuss fashion and its connection to self-expression on the podcast VULNERA.


This podcast's theme encompasses everything related to vulnerability and the myriad aspects that accompany it. The host thought of me because of my active involvement in the fashion industry, particularly in the area of sustainable fashion. This is my passion and what I strive for: ensuring fair wages and promoting fair trade.

During our conversation, we delved deeply into the concept of self-expression and how I perceive and experience it as a fashion activist. We explored the importance of using fashion as a tool for conveying personal identity and values.


Additionally, we discussed my perspective as a woman and, more specifically, as a woman of mixed roots. This dual perspective has shaped my understanding of fashion not only as a means of personal expression but also as a platform for advocating for social and environmental justice.

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