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Despite the challenging corona-year for the cultural sector in 2021, Emma was able to show tremendous flexibility during her internship at Kunstenfestivaldesarts. She was able to quickly adapt to the many new forms of collaborations. She also mastered numerous digital (and sometimes complex) programs for website, newsletters, social media, ... very swiftly.

In addition, the energy she brought into the office with her was incredibly positive. She is very optimistic and empathetic, which added great value to the team.
Moreover, Emma is very creative in many different areas. According to our statistics, one of our instagram pictures with the most likes was therefore of course taken by her.
I am very grateful to her for the major help she was able to give us in an extremely fast-paced and dynamic work environment, in which she was still confident to show initiative. Even navigating a multilingual organisation did not daunt her.

I often forgot that she was our intern, rather than my regular trusted colleague. Emma was a fantastic addition to the team, one we found it hard to say goodbye to. We are very proud of her accomplishments. I feel only appreciation towards her and am excited for her future new colleagues.

Ebru Utku

+32 468 14 07 17

To whom it may concern,


In 2021, as the Communication Manager of Kunstenfestivaldesarts, I had the great chance to welcome Emma Sweetlove in my team for a 4 months internship.


From the very beginning of her internship, she showed a great ability to understand the communication issues leading up to the festival, and the particularities of communication during the festival period. She carried out her tasks with care and creativity that served her objectives. Very quickly, she was able to take full responsibility for certain tasks that were essential to the development of the festival, such as organising the press review, managing the team of festival photographers and distributing their pictures (website, social networks, etc.).


Emma was extremely friendly and helpful, and an active listener, which made the collaboration particularly pleasant and effective. It has been a real pleasure, and a great help in organising the 2021 edition of Kunstenfestivaldesarts.


I wish her great success in any direction she takes, and I’m very envious of the team she’ll be joining.


Best regards,

Johanne de Bie (she/her)

+32 484 655 705

Fashion Revolution

Emma is a great addition to the team of Fashion Revolution Belgium. Her creativity, calm, and motivation is a source of inspiration to all of us. When we organised the networking breakfast on 19 March, Emma’s flexibility contributed to the succes of that morning. For Fashion Revolution Week she teamed up with Priscilla to organise a series of events with only the two of them, which was challenging, but again very successful and without her, we simply wouldn’t have been able to organise in-person events and draw attention to our campaigns this year.

Ellen Haverhals

Country Coordinator of Fashion Revolution Belgium

I am delighted to provide a heartfelt recommendation for Emma Sweetlove. Having had the privilege of working closely with Emma on several projects, I can attest to her exceptional qualities and commitment. Emma's resilience and unwavering energy are not only apparent in her work but also in her interactions as a person. She possesses a unique ability to create an environment where individuals feel safe, heard, and valued.

One project that truly stands out among our collaborations is the Fashion Revolution's GoodClothesFairPay event. Recognizing Emma's remarkable skills and qualities, I invited her to be my co-coordinator for this ambitious undertaking. Together, we dedicated almost seven months to planning and executing the event, and the outcome was nothing short of remarkable. The success we achieved is undeniably attributed to Emma's dedication and unparalleled expertise. It is an undeniable fact that I couldn’t have accomplished the event's success without her invaluable contributions. Emma's unwavering support and hard work were instrumental throughout the entire process.

During the event, we encountered numerous unexpected situations that necessitated quick decision-making. In these high-pressure moments, Emma's true capabilities as a problem solver became evident. Her exceptional judgment and instinctive decision-making skills allowed us to navigate challenges effectively and ensured the smooth progression of the event. Emma's ability to think critically, analyze situations, and make sound decisions under pressure is truly commendable.
Moreover, Emma's work ethic is second to none. She is highly motivated, organized, and reliable. Emma takes ownership of her responsibilities, consistently demonstrating a strong sense of accountability and delivering results of the highest quality. Her dedication and professionalism shine through in every aspect of her work.

Based on my extensive experience collaborating with Emma, I have no doubt that she will thrive in any role she undertakes. Her resilience, positive energy, and exceptional problem-solving abilities make her an invaluable asset to any team or organization. I wholeheartedly recommend Emma Sweetlove for any opportunity that aligns with her skills and expertise.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you require any further information or clarification regarding Emma's qualifications or our collaboration.



Priscilla Nollé
Community manager
Fashion Revolution Belgium

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